Getting support from Ascom

Getting support from Ascom

If you have a support contract from Ascom, or you are using a valid trial version of the software, then you can get support by one of the following means:


The Argogroup Support email address is

This is the preferred way to contact support, as it allows attachments to be sent. If you are sending attachments, please put them in a Zip file - some firewalls and email servers will remove content that they do not like, and Zip files will normally allow the attachments to be retrieved.

We may ask you to perform some tasks such as saving content, or reports - please see the How to... section for details.

Also note that if you want to raise a different issue to an earlier ticket, please raise a new ticket rather than replying to the earlier one - it is much easier for us to track.


The telephone number for support is (in the UK) 01252 705 705, and outside the UK +44 1252 705 705.

Note that unless a special arrangement has been made, this is available from 9am and 5pm during your local time, Monday to Friday.


Support is done in English. We may be able to understand other languages, but we may get things wrong.

Please also...

...have a look at the 'what information is required' section, if you have not used support before.

...see our 'special support announcements' page to see if there is something happening when you're getting support.

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